Fresh Meat Products

Our fresh meat section contains all the major species groups:

Beef – we have a wonderful selection of beef from locally sourced welsh black beef, to Scottish and Irish beef. We can also provide passports and certification to show the provenance of our locally sourced beef. We sell individual cuts, from ribeye steaks, mince beef to burgers and also offer whole primals such as sirloins, topsides and silversides.

Pork – our range reflects the versatility of the pig. We carry pork loins, ham, fresh butchers sausage (using natural casing), whole gammons and horseshoe gammons.

Lamb – we have a fabulous range of cuts from locally sourced lamb whilst still offering a competitively priced option on our New Zealand lamb.

Chicken – we have an extensive range of fresh chicken available, from menu favourites chicken breast fillets to diced chicken and fresh chicken legs.