We have an extensive range of Housekeeping products, such as dusters, cloths, washing powders and laundry liquids, hotel bathroom accessories, cleaning chemicals, sprays and wall mounted dispensers.

Below we have selected a few of our favourite and most essential Housekeeping products which we think are a must for every business.

All Purpose Cloths 1 x 50

Code: P-JH0021

White Boutique Cube Tissues 1 x 24

Code: P-TBC24

SAS Spot & Stain Remover 1 x 750ml

Code: P-CC0190

Yarn Socket Mop Head

Code: P-JH0042

Aluminium Mop Handles

Code: P-JH0045

Mop Bucket & Wringer

Code: P-JH0054

12″ Soft / Stiff Broom Heads

Code: P-A1002-9

Dustpan & Brush Set

Code: P-JH0065

Large Sponge Scourers 1 x 10

Code: P-JH0071

Large Yellow Dusters 1 x 10

Code: P-JH0023

Candy Deodoriser Disinfectant 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0224

Furniture Polish 12 x 300ml

Code: P-CC0736

Esprit Air Reconditioner 750ml

Code: P-CC0222

Spray & Wipe 750ml

Code: P-CC0187

Swift Furniture Polish 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0205

Brite Window & Glass Cleaner 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0104