We offer an extensive range for all your kitchen hygiene needs.  From kitchen chemicals, washing liquids, powders and detergents, stainless steel cleaners, surface sprays, cloths, wipes, disposable gloves, shelf life labels and first aid boxes, we have everything you need to operate a first class catering environment.

Below we have selected a few of our most essential Kitchen products which we think are a must for every professional kitchen.

Ubik 2000 Universal Cleaner 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0100

Washing Up Green Detergent 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0421

GP Washing up Detergent 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0161

Dazzle Stainless Steel Polish 750ml

Code: P-CC0109

Bio Dox 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0263

AHS Sanitiser 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0265

Dishi Machine Dishwash 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0151

Rinsi Machine Additive 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0152

Phos Machine Descaler 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0157

Pro Roc 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0270

Trio Sanitiser Non Perfumed 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0188

Granular Salt 25 Kg

Code: P-CC0159

Vanquish Strong Oven Cleaner 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0269

Dishbac Washing up Liquid 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0142

AX Bactericidal Cleaner 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0122

DD10 Detergent 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0099