We supply a wide range of washroom products, from cleaning chemicals, toilet rolls and tissue, hand towels, wall mounted dispensers, air fresheners, soaps and waste bins.

Below we have selected a few of our most essential Washroom products which we think are a must for every rest room.

Fresh Wild Lemon Disinfectant 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0184

Super Thick Bleach 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0430

Savon Pearl Hand Soap 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0262

STC Acidic Toilet & Washroom 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0245

Ultrafresh 5 Ltr

Code: P-CC0186

Apeal Washroom Cleaner 1 x 750ml

Code: P-CC0223

Super Toilet Cleaner 750ml

Code: P-CC0450

Bio Urinal Blocks 1.1 Kg

Code: P-CC0240A

2 Ply C Fold Paper Towels 1 x 2400

Code: P-CFW2240

1 Ply C Fold Hand Towels 1 x 2624

Code: P-CFG2880

2 Ply White Jumbo Toilet Rolls 1 x 6

Code: P-JBT300

3 Ply Luxury Toilet Roll 1 x 40

Code: P-RG6910

2 Ply 320 Sheet Toilet Roll 1 x 36

Code: P-TRW320

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 1 x 12

Code: P-JBT150

Bulkpack Toilet Tissue 1 x 36

Code: P-MFT250

C Fold Interfold ABS Unit

Code: PDIS3

Small Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

Code: P-DIS2

Large Jumbo ABS Unit 1 Unit

Code: P-DIS5

Rubber Gloves Yellow 10 Pairs

Code: P-JH0082

Wet Floor Sign 1 Unit

Code: P-JH0046